Specific Terms Of Travel


AIR FANTAST – an organization for the sale of air transport to other persons or organizations.

FANTAST TOURIST – an organization authorized by IATA to issue airline tickets to other persons or organizations.

CARRIER – a company that takes care of the transport of persons, luggage, goods and mail on the basis of travel tickets and luggage records.

EMBARGO – a ban on the air transport of passengers and the movement of goods (or certain types of goods) for a certain period of time on routes specified by the carrier.

PIECE CONCEPT – shipment of luggage according to the number of pieces valid on flights to / from the USA, Canada and some parts of South America (according to the regulations of the carrier).

IATA – International Air Transport Association.

TARIFF COMBINATION – compiling a tariff by combining two or more tariffs

TRANSPORTATION COSTS – the amount stated on the travel ticket or on the luggage list as the price for air transport of passengers or traffic of goods.

PLACE OF DEPARTURE – the place where, in accordance with the travel ticket or luggage list, the air transport of passengers and goods begins.

PLACE OF ARRIVAL – a place where, in accordance with the travel ticket or luggage list, the air transport of passengers and goods ends.

TRAVEL TICKET – travel and luggage certificate issued to the passenger by the carrier or his agent on the basis of which the passenger and his luggage are transported.

INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORT – air transport of passengers and traffic of goods that starts / ends in two different countries.

UNACCOMPANIED CHILD – a child who is not accompanied by a person over the age of 18 while traveling by plane.

CHARTER – IRREGULAR TRANSPORT – air transport that is performed outside the regular flight schedule under special conditions agreed between the air carrier and the travel agency that leases the flight. The conditions of charter transportation are at the discretion of the agency that leases the flight.

IRREGULARITIES IN PASSENGER TRANSPORT – non-compliance with the prescribed rules for passenger transport and goods traffic.

HAND LUGGAGE – the allowable amount of luggage that a passenger can take with him in the cabin of the aircraft. Hand luggage can be a maximum of 55 cm long, a maximum of 40 cm wide and a maximum of 25 cm deep, while the sum of all three dimensions can be a maximum of 115 cm. The passenger may carry only one piece of hand luggage with a maximum weight of 5-7 kg, unless otherwise specified by the internal regulations of the carrier (the airline internally determines the additional conditions for hand luggage).

LOST AND FOUND – Airport service for the provision of luggage retrieval and delivery services whose delivery is not performed according to the flight schedule of passengers.

CONDITIONS OF THE CONTRACT OF CARRIAGE – conditions under which the air transport of passengers, luggage and goods takes place in accordance with the flight schedule.

LAND TRANSPORT – transport of passengers, luggage and goods between the city terminals and the departure airport or transport of passengers by bus or train in case of resolving irregularities in air transport.

REGULAR TRANSPORT – air transport that takes place according to the flight schedule.

ESTIMATED DEPARTURE TIME – the time provided as the time of departure of the aircraft according to the flight schedule.

ESTIMATED ARRIVAL TIME – expected time of landing of the aircraft according to the flight schedule.

EXCESS BAGGAGE – luggage that exceeds the permissible weight of luggage or the permitted number of pieces of luggage in the PC (piece concept). Compensation for excess baggage is determined by the airline.

COMPLAINT – a written request sent to the airline for compensation due to non-compliance with the contract of carriage by the airline.

CONFIRMATION OF RESERVATION – reconfirmation of already secured (reserved) seat on the plane. The passenger is obliged to confirm the reservation immediately before the trip.

RESERVATION – providing (reserving) a seat on the plane for passengers, excess luggage or accommodation capacity for goods.

DAMAGE TO LUGGAGE AND GOODS – damage to luggage / goods – change in appearance of luggage / goods under the influence of physical or chemical action, in case the luggage / goods are completely devalued, incomplete luggage / goods – change in appearance of luggage / goods, in case arrival arrives only part of the shipment of goods.

TRANSFER – a place marked on the ticket / luggage list as a point where a passenger crosses from one line to another line of the same or different carrier, or where goods are handed over from one line to another line of the same or different carrier.

TRANSIT – a place that is not listed on the travel ticket / luggage list in the section where the direction of the road is marked.

WARSAW CONVENTION – Convention for the Unification of Several Rules for International Carriage by Air, signed at Warsaw on 12 October 1929.

CHECKED BAGGAGE – luggage that is placed in the luggage compartment of the aircraft during the flight and is marked on the passenger’s travel card.

SHIPMENT – one or several pieces of goods received by an air carrier / agent from one consignor in one place to one luggage certificate and delivered to one consignee at one place of arrival.

CERTIFICATE OF PAID TRANSPORT – a written confirmation that a person in a certain place has paid the cost of transport for another person in another place.


All payments will be made in the local currency of the Republic of Serbia – dinars (RSD).

The middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia is used for informative presentation of prices in other currencies.

The amount for which your payment card will be charged will be expressed in your local currency through conversion into the same at the exchange rate used by card organizations, which we cannot know at the time of the transaction.

As a result of this conversion, there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price listed on our site.

Thank you for your understanding.


An electronic ticket is a contract of carriage between a passenger and a carrier. The electronic card is non-transferable. The name and surname of the passenger cannot be changed. The passenger will not be entitled to transportation if he does not show personal documents valid for the trip and if a valid Electronic Card has not been issued in his name. At the request of the carrier or other competent authorities, the passenger is obliged to show the ticket and hand over the appropriate flight coupons. The carrier has the right to deny the passenger transportation in the event that the data on the ticket are changed after the original issue. If the carrier is unable to provide the passenger with a previously reserved seat on the plane or if the flight is canceled during the period of the ticket value, the validity of the ticket will be extended until the carrier is able to perform the transport. Each air ticket is valid for transport for one year from the date of travel or, if no part of the ticket is used, from the date of its issuance, unless otherwise stated in the ticket, conditions of carriage or regulations of the carrier. Interruption of the flight is possible only if the conditions of the tariff allow it.


The ticket purchased by the Traveler is valid only for the transport specified on the Ticket, from the place of departure, through all planned stops, to the final destination. The price of the air ticket paid by the passenger is based on certain tariffs and refers to the transport listed on the Air Ticket. The Airline Ticket will not be considered and its validity will cease if all Airline Ticket Coupons are not used in the order in which they are given in the Airline Ticket.


Tariffs shall apply for transport from the airport of departure to the airport of destination, unless otherwise specified. Tariffs do not include ground transportation between airports, nor between airports and city terminals. The price of the air ticket paid by the Passenger is calculated according to the Tariffs of the airlines valid on the day of payment for the trip according to the itinerary listed on the Air Ticket. Tariff costs are reimbursed by cash or non-cash payment at the rate determined by the agent, which may not be higher than the selling rate of Banca Intesa. A travel ticket issued at a special tariff may be used only under the conditions specified for that tariff. Any change of direction or date of departure may mean a change in fare.

The passenger is obliged, except for the tariff, to pay all taxes and fees that are valid in air transport, and which were established or imposed by the authorized state bodies. The passenger is obliged to be informed about possible exceptions, when the transport fee is charged at the place of departure.


The passenger can make an online reservation of airline tickets via the Internet portal:

  • In the Republic of Serbia www.aviokarta.rs or www.avio.rs
  • In the Republic of Croatia www.aviokarta.hr
  • In the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina www.aviokarta.ba
  • In the Republic of Montenegro www.aviokarta.me
  • In the Republic of Macedonia www.avionskibileti.mk or www.evtiniaviobileti.mk
  • In the Republic of Slovenia www.letalska.si or www.letalskavozovnica.com or www.aviovozovnice.si
  • In the EU www.aviokarta.eu and www.aironline.eu
  • Global www.avio.travel

When making an online reservation, the traveler receives a confirmation of the email of his reservation, Proforma Invoice – Instructions for payment of airline tickets, Flight Rules – Rules that apply to this airline ticket and fare, Special Travel Conditions, General Travel Conditions… during business hours AVIO.TRAVEL 24 / 7.

The price shown includes: passenger transport, airport taxes, luggage and airline ticket service in a combined amount. The confirmation clearly states which, what type and how much luggage is included in the price of the reserved ticket. If it is not stated that the “allowed luggage” is 23 kg / 30 kg, but in the offer and confirmation it says “surcharge for luggage” means that only hand luggage is included in the ticket price and that “Checked Baggage” must be paid extra. Information on the price and method of purchase for “Checked Baggage” can be obtained from the AGENT. There are no hidden costs in the ticket price, regardless of the type of payment. When you buy tickets, they are subject to the rules in case of subsequent changes to already issued airline tickets, which differ for each ticket / company / fare. The rules of airline tickets are formed by the airline-carrier, whether it is a matter of changes or cancellations of airline tickets. The agency is there to mediate in their application and to provide an explanation at the client’s request. Considering that AIRFANTAST mediates in the contract of transport of passengers and airlines in accordance with the prescribed rules and regulations, we would like to point out to you in technical terms possible unforeseen interruption of electronic connections with airline databases and our server through which you make online reservations.

The passenger is obliged to read the Flight Rules, ie. the rules of the ticket are in English and if he does not understand it he can call the Agent on the numbers from the site to explain the terms of the fare, the rules related to change or refund, and other details related to that fare… Also, the traveler should immediately check flight dates, names and surnames written correctly because all subsequent corrections after writing / issuing the ticket can cause additional financial costs to the detriment of passengers. The issued ticket can be canceled free of charge only on the same day until 7 pm CET and in exceptional situations until 8 pm!

If the passenger wants the agent of the AVIO.TRAVEL portal to make a reservation of airline tickets, it is necessary to submit an email address where we could send him a confirmation of the made airline ticket reservations, conditions and deadline for payment. By paying for airline tickets, the passenger confirms their correctness and understanding. If the customer of the airline ticket reservation does not have an email address and wants to pay in cash, it is necessary that when he comes to our branch, he checks the issued airline tickets and signs the airline ticket and its conditions. We are not responsible for all information provided orally. Only information provided in writing is valid. When paying for airline tickets and hotels, you confirm the validity of the data on airline tickets.

Reservations are free, can be made and canceled free of charge. The price is guaranteed on the day of booking and usually in the next 24 hours (99.99%), but due to the daily change of exchange rate EUR / CHF / RSD / HRK / BAM-KM / MKD as well as the airline’s discretion to make: change of tariff / taxi or the conditions of the chosen tariff, the Agency in that sense is not able to guarantee the client a preliminary offer if for previous reasons there has been a change in the rules of the tariff by the airline. Only the paid and issued air ticket retains its conditions at the time of purchase. If you make more than one reservation for the same passenger on the same route and in the same flight dates, the system will automatically recognize and cancel all reservations. When the reservation is made, it can be changed and corrected by calling the phone or sending a request to info@avio.rs, in accordance with the rules and wishes about the change prescribed by the airline.


The AVIO.TRAVEL internet portal issues and charges for air tickets on the same day or within a maximum of 24 hours from the air ticket reservation. If you have chosen the method of payment by payment card (Visa, Master, American prilikom) when booking, we will make the payment within 2-12 hours from the moment of booking. The protection time of 2 hours or 120 minutes is left to the client to check the passenger data, flight plan, luggage information, get acquainted with the Flight Rule – ticket and fare rules, General and Special Travel Conditions. If the traveler wants to cancel the reservation without costs, it is necessary to forward an email within this time period with a request to cancel the reservation without the obligation to explain their reasons or point out errors that need to be corrected / corrected before charging. The deadline for issuing an airline ticket depends on the airline fare itself.

If the Bank is unable to charge the amount of the payment card, which does not mean that there is no money on the card or that we do not support this type of payment card, we will inform you that we failed to debit your card and access one of the backup payment methods. The backup method of payment is to make a payment in the bank to the account of our company according to the attachment you received entitled “Proforma invoice – Payment instructions” according to the instructions received from the bank.

The moment when the AGENT is obliged to issue a ticket is when the card has been successfully processed or when he has recorded the payment on his account.

If the passenger makes an air ticket reservation after 6 pm at the rate that must be issued on the same day and chooses to pay at the branch or bank, the portal www.avio.rs does not bear any responsibility for cancellation. The reservation of a place for a certain flight is made by an authorized agent. A seat reservation is optional until the agent / carrier issues a valid ticket, “Reimbursement Order” (MCO) or “Prepaid Notice” (PTA) stating the reserved seat. The agent has the right to cancel the reservation without prior notice if the passenger does not pay the travel ticket by the deadline set by the agent. In case of payment by bank transfer, the money must be delivered to the AGENT’s account in a timely manner (before the expiration of the maximum deadline for issuing a travel ticket).

If the passenger is not able to pay for the ticket within the period prescribed by the airline, it is necessary to contact the AGENT in order to try to extend the reservation / make a new / renew it.


When entering payment card data, confidential information is transmitted via the public network in a protected (encrypted) form using SSL protocols and PKI systems, as currently the most modern cryptographic technology. The security of data during the purchase is guaranteed by the payment card processor, so the complete billing process is performed on the bank’s website. At no time is payment card information available to our system.


“On behalf of the avio.travel portal, AIRFANTAST is committed to protecting the privacy of all our customers. We collect only the necessary, basic data on customers / users and data necessary for business and informing users in accordance with good business practices and in order to provide quality service. We give customers a choice including the ability to decide whether or not to delete themselves from the mailing lists used for marketing campaigns.

All user / customer data is strictly kept and is only available to employees who need this data to do their job. All employees of AIRFANTAST and the aviotravel.rs portal (and business partners) are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection. ”


If the method of payment for the air ticket is in cash at our branches / payment points, payment is made in local currency.

If the payment is through or to the account the currency of payment is the dinar, euro or US dollar.

The amount for which your payment card will be charged will be expressed in your local currency through conversion into the same at the exchange rate used by card organizations, which we cannot know at the time of the transaction. As a result of this conversion, there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price listed on our site. It may happen that the airline will charge the amount in CHF / USD and it is always approximately equal to the amount stated on our website in €.


The AVIO.TRAVEL portal will be reserved at the client’s request, if the airline allows a seat on the passenger plane. This service is free except on flights and classes where the choice of seats is charged extra by the Airline. Portal ie The AGENT is not able to guarantee the passenger that he will sit in a certain place. The airline reserves the right to schedule seats or change the schedule even after boarding the aircraft. This may be necessary for operational, security or safety reasons.


When a passenger has purchased a return ticket for a specific destination, the passenger is not obliged to confirm his trip by calling our call center.


Check-in deadlines vary from airport to airport. It is necessary for the Traveler to inquire about these deadlines and to adhere to them. Airlines have the right to cancel a passenger’s reservation if he does not meet the deadlines for check-in for the flight. The passenger is obliged to inquire about the deadlines for checking in at the airport. Deadlines for check-in of all airlines in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Skopje, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Vienna, Zurich are 2:00 am before the scheduled departure time in the airline ticket, while check-in deadlines at other European Airports are 2 x 45 minutes!

The passenger must be present in the boarding area no later than the time the airline informed him / her when checking in for the flight.

The airline has the right to cancel the Passenger’s reservation if he does not show up at the boarding exit in time.

If you travel with one airline to your final destination, your luggage will be checked in until the end.

If you use the services of two different airlines in one air ticket and if it is agreed between the carriers that your luggage will be checked in completely and if you do not make a stop for more than 24 hours your luggage will be checked in completely. Otherwise, it is necessary to pick up and check the luggage again at the landing site.

The airline and the portal www.avio.travel are not responsible for losses or costs that the Passenger may suffer because he did not comply with the provisions of this article. The portal www.aviokarta.rs is not obliged to inform the passenger about the mutual agreements of the airlines regarding the check-in of luggage.


  1. The passenger is obliged to prove his / her identity and attach the appropriate travel documents before purchasing a ticket and boarding the aircraft at the request of an IATA agent or carrier or government agency.
  2. When purchasing a ticket, the passenger is obliged to inform the air carrier through the IATA agent about his health problems, which could hinder his transportation or negatively affect the course of the flight.
  3. The passenger is obliged to undergo a security check which includes his checked and hand luggage.
  4. According to the applicable international regulations, the passenger must not carry weapons, ammunition, knives, toys corresponding to real weapons (eg pistols, grenades) and other objects of a similar nature in his hand luggage. These items must be packed in checked baggage according to a special procedure. The carrier disclaims any responsibility for the safekeeping of such items. Objects of dangerous nature (explosives and ammunition, fuels, compressed gases, poisons or toxic and infectious materials, oxidizing substances, radioactive material, magnetic material and other dangerous goods) can be transported only under special conditions of transport.
  5. The passenger is obliged to respect the rules of air transportation and to adhere to the warnings of the carrier, which concern in particular:

– boarding, assembly and movement in passenger rooms,

– boarding and disembarking,

– storing clothes and hand luggage on the plane.

  1. The passenger must not endanger the safety and conduct of air transport, disturb and harass other passengers or be the reason for their lawsuit, prevent the proper performance of the duties of the aircraft crew and damage the property of the carrier or passenger.
  2. The passenger is also obliged to:- access the place of embarkation and execution of all required formalities and procedures on time, not later than the time determined by the carrier. The passenger is recommended to inquire about this with the carrier or his authorized agent,- fasten a seat belt at the invitation of the aircraft crew or at a sign on the illuminated panel during take-off or landing, ie during flight,- at the request of the aircraft crew, move to a designated seat, if necessary for operational reasons,- adheres to the order banning smoking on the plane. Violation of the ban can be punished by a fine,- during the flight does not use certain electronic devices and devices whose operation may adversely affect the functioning and operation of electronic devices and aircraft apparatus. Violation of the ban can be punished by a fine,- undergo first aid if health problems occur during the summer, inform staff of personal and health data and undergo a medical examination,- compensate the carrier for all compensation for damage caused or committed by his misconduct (eg destruction of the interior of the aircraft, illegal transport of dangerous animals, things, etc.),- during the flight, follow the rules of the captain and crew of the aircraft,- undergo the prescribed security inspection performed by civil service bodies or authorized organizations,

    – adjust your clothes and appearance to meet air transport standards.


    1. The general responsibility of the carrier is implemented in international air transport on the basis of the Agreement on the harmonization of some rules on international air transport, the so-called. Warsaw Convention Art. 15/1935, in the amendments to the Hague Protocol, Art. 15/1966.
    2. Limitation of carrier’s liability
    3. a) the liability of carriers in the spirit of the Warsaw Convention as amended by the Hague Protocol for damage caused by death or injury of passengers is limited to 20,000 USD, 58,000 USD (75,000 USD including legal costs) in the spirit of the Montreal Flight Agreement to / from / via the US and Canada.
    4. Liability for damage
    5. a) the carrier is liable only for damage caused on its own line. The carrier who issued the ticket or loaded the luggage on the line of another carrier, acts only as his agent.The passenger has, nevertheless, the right to seek compensation, in the case of checked baggage, from the first or last carrier.
        1. b) the carrier is not liable for damage caused to hand luggage or other items for the care and storage of which the passenger is responsible, except in cases where the damage was caused by the fault of the carrier or when the passenger lost the ability to care for their luggage. If the damage was caused by the joint fault of the passenger and the carrier, they will bear the shared responsibility with regard to their share of responsibility in the occurrence of the damage.
        2. c) the carrier is liable to the extent of the actual damage, up to the limit of his liability. The carrier is not liable for direct damage or lost profits,
        3. d) the carrier is liable for loss or delay incurred during the carriage through his fault,
        4. e) the carrier is not responsible for any damage, loss or damage caused by natural means, death of animals or behavior of animals, such as biting, hitting, stabbing or strangulation or improper keeping of the animal, or inability to adapt to different air transport conditions ,
        5. f) the carrier is not liable for damage to fragile and fragile items or perishable items, loss of money, jewelry, precious metals, medicines, keys, video cameras, cameras and other electronic devices, bonds and securities or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents, which are placed in the passenger’s checked baggage, with or without the knowledge of the carrier. The carrier is not responsible for damage to the passenger’s luggage caused by the contents of the luggage,
        6. g) in the case of the carriage of passengers whose age, mental and physical condition is such as to be dangerous or risky for that person, the carrier shall not be liable for any illness, injury or incapacity, including death if that illness, injury, incapacity or death possession of the said condition of such person,
          1. The carrier is obliged to ensure that passengers are familiar with the accommodation and the manner of use:
          2. a) seat belts,
          3. b) emergency exits and devices intended for common use,
          4. c) life jackets and oxygen masks, when the use of these means is prescribed for passengers,
          5. d) other emergency devices intended for individual use.
          6. Passengers must be made aware of the rule prohibiting smoking and the use of electronic devices, on board aircraft, as well as violations of regulations for which they may be fined.
          7. If the need arises, the carrier is obliged to inform the passengers about the emergency procedures that correspond to the further situation.
          8. The carrier shall ensure that passengers are able to use seat belts during take-off, landing, turbulence and in any other case at the invitation of the airplane captain, and shall inform passengers of their position on the airplane.h) limitation of liability of the carrier applies to all employees, agents and representatives of the carrier.


          1. The carrier is obliged to ensure that passengers are familiar with the accommodation and the manner of use:
          2. a) seat belts,
          3. b) emergency exits and devices intended for common use,
          4. c) life jackets and oxygen masks, when the use of these means is prescribed for passengers,
          5. d) other emergency devices intended for individual use.
          6. Passengers must be made aware of the rule prohibiting smoking and the use of electronic devices, on board aircraft, as well as violations of regulations for which they may be fined.
          7. If the need arises, the carrier is obliged to inform the passengers about the emergency procedures that correspond to the further situation.
          8. The carrier shall ensure that passengers are able to use seat belts during take-off, landing, turbulence and in any other case at the invitation of the airplane captain, and shall inform passengers of their position on the airplane.



      Each airline has the right to refuse the carriage of any passenger or baggage for reasons of flight safety or at its discretion. In that case, the Passenger will be entitled to a refund of the paid air ticket.

      The airline has the right to refuse to accept Baggage if it considers that it is not adequately and safely packed in appropriate packaging.


  1. General provisions

The carrier may refuse to transport passengers:

  1. a) if required by the regulations of the carrier in relation to the performance of the flight,
  2. b) if there is a violation of the regulations applicable to the country from which the aircraft takes off, lands or passes through, by passengers,
  3. c) if the traveler suffers from a contagious disease, which he is obliged to report in advance, if he suffers from a serious illness and cannot take care of his mental and physical condition, and does not have an escort who can provide him with the necessary assistance,
  4. d) if the passenger’s conduct disturbs the safety of transport or public order and peace, or if he is not properly dressed,
  5. e) in the event of a breach of any of the duties referred to in Article 7.
  6. The passenger’s right to compensation

A passenger who has been denied and restricted carriage in accordance with paragraph 1 (a) of the preceding provision may be reimbursed as a fee for an unrealized flight the fare or its approximate part relating to the missed flight, or may be offered alternative carriage by another aircraft. or other mode of transport. If the passenger is excluded from the transport for other reasons, the tax will be deducted from the fee for the unrealized flight, unless the carrier requires a different application of the rules of reimbursement.


  1. General provisions

Baggage is transported as checked and unchecked (hand luggage). The passenger has the right to free transportation of luggage according to the following provisions of these Terms.

Baggage carried as “checked baggage” is clearly indicated on the reservation as “Permitted Baggage” with the quantity and weight allowed for that ticket fare. If the offer or confirmation of the reservation says “Supplement for luggage” means that the tariff and class do not include luggage called “checked baggage” and that it must be purchased later. This baggage surcharge can be made at the airport at check-in or through an AGENT.

An increasing number of airlines are switching to the “low cost” system, where they offer certain tariffs without “checked baggage”, and where only hand luggage is allowed, ie. cabin luggage, see undelivered luggage (hand luggage) for dimensions and weight.

  1. Checked baggage

Well-closed and locked suitcases or other luggage that can be tightly closed are accepted as checked baggage. With the consent of the carrier, other items may also be included in the transport. For luggage that the passenger hands over to the carrier (handed over luggage), the luggage identification tag is issued to the passenger as a confirmation of collection, which the passenger is obliged to keep in case of a complaint. It is also possible to transport food and small animals as checked baggage, according to the regulations determined by the carrier. Each piece of luggage that the passenger wishes to hand over must be marked on the outside and inside with an identification mark with the passenger’s name and his contact address at the place of arrival (for example the hotel address). The name on that label must match the information on the ticket and other travel documents. Luggage, including those with a zipper, must be closed to prevent it from opening during transport. The carrier is not responsible for luggage that is not picked up immediately after landing. Checked baggage is transported in the storage area of ​​the plane on which the passenger is traveling. If such transportation is not possible, it will be realized by the closest possible connection

Carriage of baggage and items that could endanger the safety of flight, persons or property, baggage and items that could be significantly damaged or improperly packed during air transport, the carrier may exclude from transport before departure or at any time during the trip.


The amount and type of luggage is checked exclusively on the website: https://avio.travel/Provera-prtljaga.html

When traveling to / from the USA, the territory of the USA and Canada, an adult in class C (business) is entitled to free transportation of two pieces of checked baggage, where the sum of three dimensions of each piece of luggage does not exceed 158 cm and weight each of them does not exceed 23 kg. In class Y (economic) an adult is entitled to free transport of one piece of checked baggage in which the sum of three dimensions of the piece of luggage does not exceed 158 cm, and the weight of each piece of luggage does not exceed 23 kg. Children up to 2 years of age have the right to transport one piece of luggage, the sum of which does not exceed 115 cm, and the right to transport assembled prams.

On other routes, adults are entitled to free baggage that does not exceed 30 kg in class C (business) and 23 kg in class Y (economic). Children up to 2 years of age (who do not have the right to their own seat) have the right to free transportation of checked baggage weighing less than 10 kg, and the right to transport assembled strollers and food during the summer. Children from 2 to 12 years of age are entitled to free baggage allowance to the same extent as adults.

  1. Unchecked Baggage (Hand Baggage)

The hand luggage that a passenger can take with him on the plane is determined by the dimensions: maximum length 55 cm, maximum width 40 cm and maximum depth 20 cm, while their sum is a maximum of 115 cm. The passenger may carry only one piece of hand luggage with a maximum weight of 5 kg, unless otherwise specified by the internal regulations of the carrier. The carrier has the right to check the weight and dimensions of hand luggage.

The following personal items are transported free of charge in the cabin of the aircraft, which the passenger has with him and keeps them himself:

– small women’s bag

– coat, scarf or blanket

– umbrella or stick

– camera, camcorder, binoculars, small laptop or mobile phone

– baby basket and baby food during the summer

– glasses and orthopedic aids for disabled passengers

  1. Special type of luggage

Only with the prior consent of the carrier and under the conditions determined by the carrier it is possible to transport:

  1. a) live animals, including birds and reptiles (transport is carried out under the responsibility of passengers, and only in those places where it is allowed by the applicable regulations).

Transportation is carried out:

– in the passenger part of the aircraft (in the cabin) or in the storage area

– as a commodity.

In addition to the above, a dog can be transported free of charge in the cabin of the aircraft if it accompanies a person with impaired vision or hearing, as well as a dog intended for the protection of human lives. Dogs must be equipped with a leash, muzzle, vaccination certificate and other required documentation.

  1. b) transport of weapons and ammunition:

weapons of all kinds may be accepted for air transportation only in those places where it is allowed by the applicable regulations. Weapons must be unloaded, locked and stored exclusively in the aircraft storage area. Ammunition, which is explosive by its properties, belongs to the so-called dangerous goods and can be transported according to the conditions specified in the IATA manual for the transport of dangerous goods.

  1. c) the transport of diplomatic luggage is allowed to diplomatic couriers in the passenger cabin of the aircraft.

A fully assembled vehicle for the disabled is transported free of charge.

  1. Excess luggage

When using the so-called. piece of baggage transportation system to / from the USA, the territory of the USA and Canada, for each piece of excess baggage or for exceeding the size or weight of luggage, a fixed fee determined according to the place of arrival is paid.

Baggage on other lines, which weighs more than allowed, will be transported according to the capacity of the carrier and it is charged according to the weight determined by the fee for 1 kg based on the carrier’s tariff applicable price list for this purpose (each carrier has its own regulations: example 1 % First or buissnes class tariffs for each kilogram)

  1. Baggage weighting

If two or more passengers traveling together to the same place on the same plane hand in their luggage at the same time and place, they will be allowed a total weight of luggage, which corresponds to the sum of the allowed free weight of luggage of those passengers.

  1. Baggage inspection

The carrier can be convinced of the contents of his luggage in the presence of the passenger. If the passenger is absent, the carrier has the right to open the passenger’s luggage in the presence of at least one witness who is not employed by the carrier, and to determine whether the luggage contains items denied transportation or items whose transportation requires special treatment.

  1. Unaccompanied baggage

Unaccompanied luggage is transported according to special regulations of the carrier.

  1. Baggage with reported value

The passenger has the opportunity to report the value of checked baggage higher than the value of the liability of the air carrier, assuming that the carrier has determined the tariff conditions in that case.

  1. Collection of checked baggage
  2. a) the passenger is obliged to pick up his luggage immediately after landing,
  3. b) luggage can be taken over only by the owner of the luggage certificate and identification pendant. The carrier is not obliged to check whether the owner of the luggage certificate and identification tag took over the luggage and is not responsible for loss, damage, or other costs that would be incurred by the passenger in this regard,
  4. c) damage, non-issuance or loss of luggage must be reported immediately upon collection of luggage to the carrier, who is obliged to make a record thereof. Otherwise it is assumed that the luggage was handed over in good condition,
  5. d) when later reporting the damage, the passenger must prove the causal link between the reported damage and the associated transport.


The published flight schedule may be changed in the interval from the date of publication to the date of travel. The AVIO.TRAVEL portal does not guarantee the published flight schedule of airlines. The flight schedule is subject to change. There is a possibility that the flight schedule will change after the Air Ticket is issued. It is necessary for the Traveler to leave his contact details valid, so that we can inform him about all changes. If the airline changes the flight schedule that does not suit the Passenger, and is not able to reserve a seat on another flight that suits him, the Passenger is entitled to a full refund.

You can read all the rights of passengers in case of denial of boarding, cancellation and long flight delay on the airline’s website.

All passenger rights in case of denial of boarding, cancellation and long delay of AIRSERBIA flights can be downloaded at:


If due to circumstances beyond its control the airline cancels or postpones the flight, fails to land at the airport interrupting the trip or final destination or causes the passenger to lose contact for the next flight to which he has a reservation, the Airline is obliged to take one of the following steps :

  • to transport the Passenger as soon as possible on another flight with available seats at no additional cost to the Passenger and, if necessary, extend the validity of his Airline Ticket; or
  • to recruit the Passenger to the airport of destination according to the destination indicated on his Ticket on the flight of his airline or in another mutually agreed manner and in the agreed class of transport, without additional costs for the Passenger.

If there is a delay or cancellation of the flight no more than 24 hours before the date of travel during the operation of the call center AVIO.TRAVEL , our call center will contact and inform about any changes / cancellations of passengers or customers of the purchased airline ticket. After informing the client about the change or cancellation of the air ticket, the agents of the AVIO.TRAVEL portal will do everything in their power to exchange the changed flights for flights that suit the passenger, with the consent of the airline. If none of the proposed flights suits the passenger, the AVIO.TRAVEL portal will return to the passenger the entire amount of money paid for the air ticket immediately upon receipt of the refund from the airline.

If the airline changes the flight schedule or cancels the trip after 7 pm on weekdays, after 3 pm on Saturdays or Sundays, it is obliged to contact each passenger in person and inform him about the change of the flight schedule or cancellation of the air ticket.

If the airline cancels or changes the flight schedule on the day of the trip, a few hours before the trip, the passenger will be notified at the airport by the airline about the flight schedule. For all questions at the airport, the passenger is obliged to contact the airline, which will inform him about the change of flight schedule or cancellation of the air ticket and finding the best option for the passenger at a given moment.

If there is a strike of the airline, the passenger is obliged to contact the airline in order for the airline to transfer him to the first free flight to the desired destination.

The passenger is obliged to check his ticket at https://avio.travel/Provera-avionske-karte.html or at https://www.checkmytrip.com and to contact the AGENT as soon as he notices a change or cancellation of a flight from the ticket. an agent with the Airline would offer a solution for the flight.

Irregularities in air transport

  1. a) for personal reasons that do not depend on the carrier (due to so-called “force majeure”, for example weather conditions, technical reasons that are not the fault of the carrier, in case of war, strike of transport organizations, etc.) the carrier may postpone, cancel, cancel, reroute the flight, change the type of aircraft or hand over the agency to another carrier, without bearing further responsibility, except for the duty to provide transportation by other aircraft or other means of transport or return the paid fare.
  2. b) if the flight is delayed, delayed or canceled or the type of aircraft is changed in circumstances resulting from the carrier’s fault and the carrier is unable to secure a pre-confirmed seat, the passenger may not disembark at a pre-determined or final destination, or if circumstances affect the passenger’s delay in the scheduled flight, the carrier is obliged to:

– transfer the passenger to another regular line where there are free seats or

– redirect the passenger to the final destination marked on the ticket with his regular flight or the flight of another carrier or provide ground transportation for the passenger. If the cost of taxes, excess baggage and other services related to the change of route exceeds the value of the paid price of the ticket or part thereof, the carrier will not charge the passenger additional taxes or other fees and will pay the passenger the difference if taxes and fees for change of direction are lower from those paid by the passenger or will be refunded in accordance with the provision of Article 13 of the above Terms and will not have any further liability to the passenger,

– provide the passenger with a confirmed reservation, who has been denied boarding due to lack of space on the plane, with an appropriate fee determined by the regulations of the carrier.

    • in writing by the customer from the same email or phone number left in the ticket reservation. For the protection of your privacy and security, information and changes can only be made by the person who booked the ticket.
    • by coming to our branch office by a person authorized by the ticket buyer. The authorization is sent in free form to email or phone by SMS from the number specified in the reservation
      1. a) when the request for the same is submitted after the expiration of the validity of the Card.
      2. b) if the return ticket was a condition for permission to enter the country,
      3. c) if the document is registered in the database of suspicious documents
      4. d) if the passenger entered incorrect information about the passenger, incorrectly entered the destination or flight dates during the online reservationc) the carrier is not liable for errors and omissions in flight schedules or other information received from employees or agents of the carrier on the time of departure or arrival and on the operation of the aircraft, except in cases where the carrier is aware that its conduct or omission will cause damage.


        General air ticket refund

        For non-use or cancellation of the reserved seat, a certain fee is charged under the conditions determined by the airline in accordance with the terms of the tariff. It is in the passenger’s interest to be informed about the conditions of the tariff before issuing the travel ticket.

        Potral AIR TICKET will refund the air ticket or the unused part of the air ticket according to the valid tariff rules. When booking an airline ticket online, the traveler is obliged to read and accept the conditions of the airline ticket refund so that he can make the airline ticket reservation himself.

        If the agent of the AVIO.TRAVEL portal makes an air ticket reservation to clients orally, it is desirable that the client provides an email address so that we can send you a non-email air ticket reservation with all the conditions of the same. If the customer / passenger does not have an email when paying for the air ticket in cash at our branch, it is necessary to read and sign the conditions of the air ticket itself. Air ticket refund is performed in case the passenger canceled the trip or the airline canceled the flight. Reimbursement of the air ticket is performed exclusively at the place where the air ticket was purchased and under the conditions given for a certain tariff (depending on the fare, the refund may be full, with payment of penalties or cannot be made). In case of flight cancellation by the airline, a full refund of the airline ticket is made.

        Purchased airline ticket cannot be refunded without the delivered airline ticket.

        In case of return of goods and refund to the customer who previously paid with one of the payment cards, in part or in full, and regardless of the reason for return AGENT is obliged to make a refund exclusively through VISA and Maestro payment methods, which means that the bank the seller will make a refund to the cardholder’s account.

        The deadline for returning money

        The deadline for returning money to the payer’s account is up to 90 days. The money is returned by the airline and the AGENT cannot influence these deadlines. In case of return of goods and return of funds to the customer who previously paid with one of the payment cards, in part or in full, regardless of the reason for return, the portal avio.travel/AIRFANTAST is obliged to return only through VISA, EC / MC and Maestro payment method, which means that the bank will, at the request of the seller, refund the funds to the cardholder’s account.

        In special cases when the passenger cancels the flight due to illness or death of loved ones, submits supporting documentation, it is sent to the airline for consideration and decision on the amount of the penalty, the process can take up to 60 days. The AGENT will contact the passenger immediately upon receipt of the refund and refund it in the amount prescribed by the airline.

        If the passenger is not satisfied with the amount of the refund, he can contact the airline directly.

        In case of cancellation of the passenger from the trip

        The passenger is obliged to reimburse the AGENT for the actual or incurred costs (airline invoice, airport invoice, insurance company invoice, etc.), if the cancellation was due to: sudden illness of the passenger, spouse, child, parent, brother or sister of the passenger , adoptee and adoptive parent, death of a traveler, spouse, child, parent, brother or sister of a traveler, adoptee and adoptive parent, call for military exercise of a passenger or natural disaster or state of emergency officially declared by the competent authority of the country of travel.

        For these cases, the Traveler is obliged to submit to the AGENT proof of health insurance rights based on temporary incapacity for work (certificate of the chosen general practitioner, or discharge list of inpatient health care institution which explicitly confirms sudden illness and inability to travel), or death certificate. , that is, a call for military exercise. Cases of local terrorist attacks, explosions, infections, epidemics and other diseases, natural disasters, climatic conditions, etc., for which no state of emergency has been declared by the competent state authorities of the domicile or the country of travel, cannot be considered justified reasons for cancellation or interruption of the Traveler’s trip. .

        Sudden illness means a sudden and unexpected illness, ie an infectious disease or organic disorder, determined by an authorized specialist, which occurs after the conclusion of a travel contract / purchase of a plane ticket and is not related to or a consequence of any previous health condition. to require treatment, hospital stay (hospitalization) and prevent the beginning – the use of the agreed trip.

        AIR TICKET on a charter program or on regular routes is REALLY CAUSED. All 100% of the amount on the Air Carrier’s invoices is subject to payment!

        If the Airline doubts the authenticity of the Passenger’s health finding, it has the right to request that the examination be performed at a health institution with which it has a cooperation agreement, whereby the Airline bears the costs of determining the passenger’s health if

        In case of cancellation of the trip covered by the insurance policy, the passenger exercises his right directly from the insurer.

        The AGENT recommends that you insure your trip against cancellation at an Insurance Company to avoid inconvenience due to adverse events that may prevent your trip.


        If the airline cancels the flight, does not perform the flight according to the flight schedule, does not land at the destination or place of travel interruption or if the Passenger misses the flight he was supposed to board and has a reservation for, the amount of the refund will be:

        if no part of the Ticket is used, the amount of the tariff paid by the Traveler;

        if part of the Card is used, the refunded amount will not be less than the difference between the paid fare and the valid fare for travel between the points for which the Card was issued.


        The AIR TICKET portal and the Air Carrier have the right to refuse to pay a refund in cases


      The purchased air ticket is refunded exclusively by the passenger / airline customer. Refunds will be made in the same way as airfare and payments.

      Change of purchased airline ticket

      The change of travel date is made at the place where the air ticket was purchased or at the airline whose ticket was issued.

      The request to change the date of the purchased air ticket can only be:

    The AVIO.TRAVEL portal will change the dates on the air ticket according to the valid tariff rules. The fee for the AVIO.TRAVEL portal for issuing a new modified electronic air ticket is TSC 0 euros + Penalties for changing the ticket written and submitted in the booking confirmation as a pdf document Flight rules + Upgrade to a higher class if there is no seat in the same class as per ticket.


    A passenger to whom the checked baggage at the departure airport has not arrived at the final destination reports the loss of luggage at a specially marked counter (LOST LUGGAGE / LOST BAGGAGE / LOST AND FOUND). The passenger who reports the loss of luggage must enclose the air ticket with the stickers for the luggage that was handed over. The stickers on the card are pasted by the airline official who registers the passengers for the flight. This sticker may be damaged or dropped due to luggage handling or weather conditions, causing it to go to the wrong side. Baggage sorting is done manually by airport officials based on stickers and there is always the possibility that by human error some luggage can be put on the “wrong” lane and go to an unwanted destination.

    The search for lost luggage belongs to the airport services. The movement of luggage is monitored electronically. Each checked baggage has a sticker (tag) with the destination mark as well as a bar code through which information about its owner and itinerary can be checked. When the luggage “strays” and appears at another airport, it is recorded and entered into the electronic database with detailed descriptions, where it can be found by those in charge at the destination airport where its disappearance was reported.

    Damaged luggage or possible theft of luggage contents must also be reported on the prescribed form at the same counter.

    Lost luggage is in most cases found within 24 hours and it is rare to find it later. Located luggage is sent on the first flight to the final destination where it is usually delivered to the passenger at his home address, hotel or place of residence.

    Most airlines reimburse unplanned expenses for the purchase of necessary clothes if the passenger was left without luggage for several days. Companies pay this compensation only if the traveler without luggage remained in a destination other than his place of residence. The airlines also determine the amount of the refund themselves and accept only reasonable costs.

    Lost luggage can be tracked online. The lost luggage tracking system is known as “Worldtracer” and with its help, passengers of forty of the world’s largest airlines can find their lost suitcase on their own. On the website www.mylostbag.com, it is necessary to enter the passenger’s last name and reference number, which can be found on the luggage sticker affixed to the airline ticket.

    The AVIO.TRAVEL portal is not responsible for the loss or damage of luggage.


    The traveler is obliged to obtain the necessary travel documents and visas and to comply with the laws, regulations, ordinances, conditions and rules of travel of the countries to / from which he travels and through which he transits.

    THE AIR TICKET AND THE AGENT are not responsible for the consequences suffered by the Passenger if he does not obtain the appropriate documents or visas and if he does not comply with the mentioned laws, regulations, ordinances, requirements, conditions, rules and instructions. If the traveler travels with invalid documents, expired passports, inappropriate visas, although he was warned and given a notice and a statement confirming that he has documents, visas and a valid passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of return from the trip, his responsibility is sole.


    The passport control officer has the discretionary right to deny you entry if you do not have the appropriate documents or do not have the required visa.

    However, even if you have a visa and a valid passport, you may be denied entry based on the official’s discretion that it is a risky person.

    Officers can ask passengers for inspection and other documents, including money for inspection. This is a frequent case with Serbian citizens who are under the special attention of the European immigration authorities due to the large number of false asylum seekers. Persons who were deported back to Serbia after staying in another country, after their asylum application was denied, have the opportunity to turn to the Readmission Office for help upon arrival at Belgrade Airport.

    Additional documents that may be required when entering the countries of the European Union are:

    • travel health insurance for the planned period of stay
    • return plane ticket
    • invitation letter or accommodation reservation (voucher)
      1. Nastalu štetu po zdravlje, ručni prtljag i na ostalom ličnom vlasništvu putnik je dužan odmah da prijavi prevozniku, koji će o tom sastaviti zapisnik. Prilikom kasnijeg prijavljivanja štete putnik mora dokazati uzročnu vezu izmedju prijavljene štete i pripadajućeg prevoza. U slučaju znatnijih povreda prevoznik je dužan da sam prijavi štetu.
      2. Štetu na predatom prtljagu putnik mora odmah da reklamira kod prevoznika, najkasnije do 7 dana od preuzimanja prtljaga. Štetu na prevezenoj robi neophodno je reklamirati odmah, najkasnije do 14 dana od njenog preuzimanja. Prigovor za odgovornost za zakašnjenje treba predati u pisanom obliku u roku od 21. dana od dana kad je prtljag ili roba predata. Prilikom neisporuke robe potrebno je uputiti reklamaciju do 120 dana od dana izdavanja prtljažnog lista.
      3. Pravo na nadoknadu štete nestaje po isteku 2 godine od dana sletanja u mesto odredišta ili od dana kad je prevoz prekinut.
      4. Za informacije, reklamacije ili otkaze, možete da nas kontaktirate na:Sufficient funds – the amount depends on the state but usually ranges from 35 to 50 euros per day of stay.


        The passenger is obliged, if required to do so, to attend the inspection of his own Baggage by customs or other state authorities. Neither the airlines nor the Portal www.avio.travel are liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Passenger during the said inspection or due to non-compliance with the said rules.


        The AVIO.TRAVEL portal has the right to refuse booking orders when the user violates the terms of use of the AVIO.TRAVEL portal.


        Information and data on the offered services and products are provided by each service provider individually on the site avio.travel The avio.travel portal does everything in its power to verify the information that is published in order to avoid possible errors and inaccuracies. The AVIO.TRAVEL portal does not guarantee the suitability, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of such information.

        The AVIO.TRAVEL portal is not responsible for the unavailability of the service or product on the day of booking or for the fulfillment of the contract with the provider of that service. In no event shall the www.avio.travel portal be liable for any acts, errors, omissions, guarantees, breaches or refusals of a particular service provider or for injury, death, destruction of property or other losses or damages, monetary compensation and costs that may arise due to the connection with the operation and use of the website and the information, products and services offered by each service provider and / or in connection with the unauthorized intervention of third parties on the products or services or information available on this website.

        The AVIO.TRAVEL portal does not bear any responsibility and will not compensate for the damage caused by delays, cancellations, overbooking, strikes, force majeure or for any other reason that is not under its direct control. In addition, there is no obligation to compensate for the occurrence of any additional costs, omissions, delays, changes in route or in connection with the actions of any government agency.

        Portal AVIO.TRAVEL provides everything for the proper functioning of the portal, but does not guarantee the proper functioning and suitability of the program (software) and that the functioning of the portal will be uninterrupted and protected from viruses and other similar phenomena. All of these items also apply to other information provided on this website and provided by third parties.


        The use of the website should be for legal purposes only and should be done in a lawful manner so as not to restrict or prevent its use by third parties. The user is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law, moral norms and current regulations, and not to perform actions and omissions that could cause damage or malfunction of the site, to affect or threaten the provision of services provided by www.avio.travel

        By using this website, the user guarantees that he is at least 18 years old and that he meets the legal requirements for using this website. The user is obliged to supervise and take responsibility for any use of the website by minors made on his behalf or for his account (user). It also guarantees the accuracy and completeness of all information and data relating to the user or his family members, to whom the right to use this website is transferred.

        Any reservation made for profitable, manipulative purposes, either for the purpose of fraud or in the case of the purpose of increasing demand, is prohibited. The possibility of reserving services or products through this website can be used only when making legitimate reservations and purchases on behalf of users or in connection with other persons, on behalf and for the account of which it has the right to act. The user agrees that misuse of the services of www.avio.travel may result in blocking the user in question to access the services of the site.


        Putnik je dužan da se informiše o merama zdravstvene zaštite u zemlju u koju putuje.

        Putnik je u obavezi da se informiše kod nadležnih organa o restriktivnim merama za ulazak u zemlju u koju putuje, kao i o ograničenjima zemlje u kojoj ima tranzit.


      ADRESA: AirFantast, Jevrejska 10, 21000 Novi Sad, Srbija

      TELEFON: 0800 400 104 (besplatan poziv)

      TELEFON: +381 62 424 284 (viber / whatsapp)

      EMAIL: info@avio.travel

      Copyright, trademarks

      Copyright and all other protected rights related to the website belong to the agency AIRFANTAST d.o.o. The content of the website is the exclusive property of AIRFANTAST unless the ownership of a third party is unambiguously stated. The trade name AVIO.TRAVEL as well as all trademarks, logos and graphic design shown on this website are the property of AIRFANTAST d.o.o. or third parties.

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      Applicable legislation

      The legislation applicable in the relations between the users of the avio.travel website and the AIRFANTAST agency is exclusively Serbian legislation, with the exception of regulations arising from private international law.

      The courts in Belgrade and Novi Sad are responsible for resolving disputes that may arise between the parties.

      Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions

      AIRFANTAST Agency has the right to change and / or renew at any time the above terms of business in connection with the use of this website AVIO.TRAVEL , which will be effective in the next period, without the obligation to notify the user. The General Terms and Conditions in force at the time will apply to the website. By continuing to use the website, after the changes and amendments to the general terms and conditions, it is considered that the user has accepted the changes and amendments.

      The validity of the above conditions cannot be limited by possible contrary business conditions that the user has. Amendments to these terms and conditions are final only if agreed with one of AIRFANTAST’s legal representatives. Amendments to these terms and conditions as well as supplementary agreements should be made in writing. Sending files by fax or e-mail is as important in the relationship between the parties as a written document.

      Privacy Policy

      We have paid great attention to the protection of your personal data, ie. privacy and security transactions.

      Your name and surname, e-mail, telephone and fax number, home address, as well as credit card number, are necessary information in the process of making a reservation.

      When you book or buy airline tickets through our website, e-mail or phone, the data is registered, stored and stored in our system. This data is used exclusively to facilitate the booking process, for administration and for analytics within our agency. Your data will in no case be other than the agencies and companies we work with, which you have chosen or are related to your transactions.

      Your data will also be used to tailor our offers and services to your interests. We will be free to provide you with offers and other information that may be of interest to you. If you do not want to receive offers and insights into our services, you can let us know.

      Although your data is safe with us, due to various illegal software that appear every day, it is impossible to guarantee you absolute security when transmitting data over the Internet, for which the user is solely responsible.


      Goran Portić


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